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What is JEMIX?

For more than 15 years of growth and evolvement, JEMIX became not just another brand of pumping equipment for household needs, but a byword for quality and reliability. Customers all over the world admire JEMIX, because it is high class equipment but it still remains affordable.  Partners respect JEMIX for being honest and trust-worthy.

We gathered the whole range of domestic pumps, pumping equipment and accessories for it under the JEMIX trademark. Each year we bring brand new products to the market and they are always highly anticipated because we know our customer and always heed to his needs.

Over than 20 technologically advanced manufacturing facilities from Southeast Asia work throughout the day and night to bring JEMIX pumps to each household all over Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and many other countries. Each party of JEMIX pumping equipment is being produced under permanent control of our engineers and department of quality surveillance.

Jemix has a whole ranje of pumps for domestic needs - submersible pumps, pumping stations, sanitary pumps, bore hole pumps? pressure increasing pumps, vibration pumps, surface pumps and drainline pumps.

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Also, the model range has a variaty of industrial solutions.

JEMIX has a wide network of service centers and our specialist are always ready to give a qualified help or to advice the best solution for any individual case.

For many years JEMIX  remains one of the leading Russian brands in a field of pumping equipment and, as a trademark belonging to Terra Water Group of companies, annually takes part in most important international exhibitions for water supply, heating and engineering, such as AQUATHERM, WETEX and AQUATECH.

JEMIX always grows and expands the product range. That is why we are open for any type of communication and look forward to new advantageous partnerships.

Feel free to contact our procurement department – we will be glad to any new proposal and will give a feedback to any new request!

The Chief Procurement Officer – Mr. Sergei Nasonov:

Commercial Director – Mr. Mikhail Sazykin

115230, Russia, Kashirskoye hwy., 12, Moscow

+7 (495) 223-46-48
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Address: 115230, Russia, Kashirskoye hwy., 12, Moscow

Tel/Fax +7 (495) 223-46-48

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Commercial Director

Mr. Mikhail Sazykin 

Chief Procurement Officer

Mr. Sergei Nasonov

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An international company that specializes in household pumping equipment


We produce pumps and sell pumping equipment for heating and water supply.


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